A high touch 1:1 experience working directly with a coach. Receive personalized workouts, nutrition guidance, 24/7 communication, unlimited resources, and more.

Online 1:1 coaching

For real, sustainable results.

You've tried everything. You bought the Peloton, you have a food scale. You've calculated your macros, but you're still not seeing the results. It feels like you've hit a brick wall and you don't know where to go from here. You're too darn busy to try to create your own workouts and on the weekends, you fall off anyway...

I have been there before. This doesn't have to be your reality! 

With 1:1 lifestyle fitness and nutrition coaching, you're going to learn how to move your body in a way that benefits you, enjoy foods that you love, and fuel your body properly. Along the way, you'll find the confidence in yourself that you've always wanted, so that you can stop thinking about fixing something, every single day.

i see you...

You're tired of trying everything and never finding that one thing that works.

What good is a program if you can't maintain your results for a life time? We are here to teach you how to make habit changes that you can continue practicing for the rest of your life. 

You can create a lifestyle you love

We'd like to think that carbs are our soulmate...yes, you can still lose body fat while eating carbs and drinking wine, we'll teach you how.

Sustainable weight loss

Food = fuel. Let us teach you how to properly fuel your body with whole nutrients that help you build your dream physique from the inside out.

We work on fueling your body

3 Ways Our Approach is Different...

After learning how to properly fuel their bodies, they are feeling more energized and sleeping better through the night.

Sustainable habits around their food choices. Learning that there are no "good" or "bad" foods. 

Finding true balance in their lives. Maintaining an active lifestyle while still having fun with friends and family.             

Feeling more confident in not only their bodies, but in how they think about themselves on a daily basis. 

Results my clients see...

My experience has been so great! I've learned so much about my nutrition and how to eat better and how to get started working out in the gym since I never lifted before. This program has increased my confidence and has put me in a great place mentally! - Nicole T

"This program has increased my confidence and has put me in a great place mentally!"

We look at including your metabolism, fitness, injuries, dietary restrictions, etc. so that we can fully understand where you're at and where you'd like to go. This gives us a framework of how to properly prepare your fitness, nutrition, and mindset protocols to lead you to success.

We spend time in a strategy session diving into your fitness and nutrtion history.

strategy session

We will work together to make sure that this plan works for you and integrates into your lifestyle. We provide education about your nutritional needs, how to achieve them, and how we can optimize your results with fuel. 

Created based on your needs.

customized nutrition plan 

Workouts are not one size fits all and we know how important it is to have the tools to succeed. We provide workouts to challenge you and change you for the better. Gaining a better understanding of form, intensity, and progression, we make sure that your program is designed with your goals in mind. Our user friendly training app provides detailed explanations of each movement and has set expectations for your training. 

We know that not everyone is at the same level or has the same goals, so why create one program that fits everyone?

specialized training program

We want to provide you all of the tools you need to succeed including access to your coach at all times. You will have weekly updates with personalized video assessments from your coach making sure that your program is working for you. Feedback will include form check, accountability, mindset work, and challenges to push you to the next level. Additionally, you will have 24/7 access to your coach, access to a community of other like minded individuals who are also on their fitness journey, private client zoom calls monthly for community building and education, and client education tools to continue your learning. 

Fitness without a community can be a lonely journey

high-touch support and community

We are here to help make adjustments and tweaks in your program when life gets hectic. We want to educate you on how to create habits that you will use not only in our time together, but in the coming years. This journey does not end when your program is over. These tools can be used for a lifetime.  

Life gets busy and we understand that.



“After becoming a mom, working out and nutrition were the last things on my mind. She’s helped me feel confident in my body. As an added bonus, my daughter has witnessed me falling in love with movement again & she loves to join me at home so she can be ‘strong like mommy’ ”

Tessa has taught me how to feel confident at the gym and enjoy the foods I love while making healthy choices, and put myself first again!

Tessa is amazing! She had truly transformed my relationship with food. I’ve always been an all or nothing person. However, Tessa has taught me how to balance my meals between health/nourishment and the occasional indulgence. I am forever thankful for Tessa’s guidance and professionalism!

"She had truly transformed my relationship with food."


Prices starting at $299

* Payment options are available. Pricing is dependent on the program length you choose

+ 4-12 months of 1:1 lifestyle fitness & nutrition coaching
+ Custom workouts delivered via the Be Bold Fitness app
+ Customized nutrition program based on your needs
+ Client exclusive library filled with hours of education.
+ 1:1 WhatsApp access to Tessa for guidance at all times 
+ Access to an amazing community of likeminded women

what's included

This program is completely tailored to YOU! No two programs will look the same. We create everything based on where you're currently at and where you're looking to go.

1:1 Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

It's comforting knowing that other people are in it with you! There is no lack of support from the amazing Be Bold Fitness community.

Group support

Whether you're working out at home or in the gym, we will create a plan that works to get you the results you want.

customized Workouts & nutrition

You will always feel like you've got a coach on demand. We are available to answer question and guide you along.

24/6 access to your coach

What coaching is like...

I am a certified personal trainer, nutritionist, a fitness junkie, and the CEO of Be Bold Fitness.

I have loved fitness for as long as I can remember, but truly fell in love with it after college. Fitness has been the biggest teacher for me. It’s taught me what hard work, discipline, grit, and challenge really look like.

Since starting Be Bold Fitness in 2020, it has been important for me to share my own personal fitness journey and to teach women how to feel confident and bold both in and outside of the gym. My mission is to make women feel amazing and worthy of loving themselves.

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I'm Tessa — certified personal trainer, nutritionist, and fitness junkie.

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