We will work to create a custom fitness program that fits your goals. A mix between strength, endurance, and mobility training will help you to achieve confidence in the gym. Session are 1 hour and are located in Lakeway or at your home gym.

Personal Training

For real, sustainable results.

Feeling more confident in the gym and learning how to properly lift heavy weights.

Building muscle and creating a body that helps them to thrive in their every day lives.

Finding true balance in their lives. Maintaining an active lifestyle while still having fun with friends and family.             

Feeling more confident in not only their bodies, but in how they think about themselves on a daily basis. 

Results my clients see...

My experience has been so great! I've learned so much about my nutrition and how to eat better and how to get started working out in the gym since I never lifted before. This program has increased my confidence and has put me in a great place mentally! - Nicole T

"This program has increased my confidence and has put me in a great place mentally!"

Workouts are not one size fits all and we know how important it is to have the tools to succeed. We provide workouts to challenge you and change you for the better. Gaining a better understanding of form, intensity, and progression, we make sure that your program is designed with your goals in mind. 

We know that not everyone is at the same level or has the same goals, so why create one program that fits everyone?

specialized training program


“After becoming a mom, working out and nutrition were the last things on my mind. She’s helped me feel confident in my body. As an added bonus, my daughter has witnessed me falling in love with movement again & she loves to join me at home so she can be ‘strong like mommy’ ”

Tessa has taught me how to feel confident at the gym and enjoy the foods I love while making healthy choices, and put myself first again!

Tessa is amazing! She had truly transformed my relationship with food. I’ve always been an all or nothing person. However, Tessa has taught me how to balance my meals between health/nourishment and the occasional indulgence. I am forever thankful for Tessa’s guidance and professionalism!

"She had truly transformed my relationship with food."


Prices starting at $100/session

+ 45 min sessions 
+ Purchased individually or as a package
+ Minimum of 6 sessions

what's included

You have the option of training at your home gym or coming to my location in Lakeway (Austin, TX). We will create a workout program that helps you to progress and see the results that you've always desired.

In Person Training

I am a certified personal trainer, nutritionist, a fitness junkie, and the CEO of Be Bold Fitness.

I have loved fitness for as long as I can remember, but truly fell in love with it after college. Fitness has been the biggest teacher for me. It’s taught me what hard work, discipline, grit, and challenge really look like.

Since starting Be Bold Fitness in 2020, it has been important for me to share my own personal fitness journey and to teach women how to feel confident and bold both in and outside of the gym. My mission is to make women feel amazing and worthy of loving themselves.

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I'm Tessa — certified personal trainer, nutritionist, and fitness junkie.

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